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Re-Introduction Empty Re-Introduction

Message par Normandie 2.0 le Mer 8 Nov - 1:21

Greetings Cousins,

I am not really new but I have been away for a while. So, I'm back. Many of you know me from other forums and particularly from Renaissance Normande, which has had a revamp over the last week or so. We've shed a few hundred inactive members, and gained a few hundred new, active, ones. So things are looking brighter again. Finally managed to codify who we are and what we are 'for' .. and now we're working on the 'how the hell are we gonna do that?' part. Simple Wink

Please check us out on Facebook and Twitter .. familiar faces, especially friendly ones, are always welcome. Some of you are already there I know. Now, I appear to have a LOT of forum posts to catch up on so i'll go do that ...

Remember. We are the Normans - resistance is futile!

Normandie 2.0
Normandie 2.0

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Re-Introduction Empty Re: Re-Introduction

Message par LORD le Mer 8 Nov - 14:53

Nice returns Ryan... cheers

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